1、Product quality has no problem, return is not supported;

2、If the quality of the product is defective and the consumers does not return the product, your company can purchase the defective parts by yourself. The expenses can be reimbursed by our company or delivered to the customer by our company.

3、The quality of the product itself is defective, so the consumers will not accept the parts shipped. The feedback will be given within 5 working days after receipt, and our company will not accept the return after 5 working days.To check the returned goods, photos or videos should be attached to prove that the problem is confirmed by our company after the warehouse receives the goods. Our company will only undertake the return freight.Meanwhile, the consignee shall pay the freight of the goods to our warehouse (overseas warehouses do not support freight collect).

The freight of return and re-delivery is 12USD/kg respectively. The estimated freight of return over 330CM = (height + width) X2+ length is 150USD, and the freight of return less than 330CM is 60USD.

4、The damage caused during transportation is not considered as quality problem. If the customer returns the goods without quality problem, he/she shall bear the back and forth freight and the cost of repacking and warehousing and the cost of replacing the carton is 300 YUAN.If there is any other damage, it will be calculated according to the actual situation.

5、Place orders in Excel form offline;After placing the order, the seller shall complete the warehouse delivery within 2 working days and provide the corresponding UPS transfer number. The time of placing the order to the customer’s signature and receipt:

6.Payment terms: payment before shipment, operation after payment.

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